Our Services

Consultation (20 mins) Free

If you aren’t ready to schedule an appointment or have some questions before booking, let’s set up a time to chat and see if we are the right fit. 

A complimentary consultation call/video session at no charge is available for you to get a chance to meet me, to ask any questions and/or discuss any concerns.

Individual Counselling (55 mins)

$152.55 CAD/HST included


**Sliding scale fee’s may be available, please book a consultation to further discuss fee subsidy openings

Individual Counselling can assist in coping with stressful life situations, anxiety, depression, work problems, grief, emotional distress or relationship difficulties.


** Vary in length, prices are set per workshop, please contact me to inquire about workshop rates

Connecting with others who share similar stressors, challenges and difficulties can be especially empowering. You are not alone! Workshop/groups allow people to connect and realize they are not alone in their challenges. Topics, length and prices of workshops vary.

Psychiatric Assessments

Collaborative care for better mental health

Psychotherapy Matters is a virtual care system that connects therapists and their clients with psychiatrists. This includes a psychiatric assessment with a skilled psychiatrist for diagnostic purposes, beyond this a collaborative treatment plan is developed with you and your therapist. For more information, please ask about this during your consultation call or intake appointment. 

Accessible psychiatric support: You benefit from a diagnosis, medication recommendations or monitoring, and psychotherapy — from the convenience of your therapist’s office.

Save time, skip the wait: Through our Virtual Clinic, we work alongside your therapist, while saving you excess travel, multiple practitioner visits and lengthy wait times.

This service is available if you have a family doctor and are interested in a psychiatric assessment for both treatment and diagnostic purposes.

*** Please be advised if you are not interested in therapy and only a psychiatric assessment you will be best served and re-directed by myself to request a referral from your family doctor to the hospital/mental health agency local to you for an OHIP covered psychiatric assessment.***

Cancellation Policy

When you schedule an appointment with me, I am committing to reserving that time slot for you and only you, and you commit to paying for the reservation of that time. I do require 48 hours’ notice for cancellation 

I do understand that emergency and unexpected situations can arise and as such it is my policy to permit 1 late cancellation due to emergency without charge. If an emergency causes you to cancel a session with less than a 48 hours’ notice (and we do not reschedule in the same week) you will be charged a cancellation fee of one half of your regular session fee. Missed appointments and cancellations with less than 24-hours’ notice, are subject to a full session fee charge.

10 years experience. Authentic and respectful help for addiction, eating, ADHD and more.

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I offer video and phone sessions.

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